Dear Sevenoaks community,

We have decided to extend the deadline for Presentation Ceremony ticket sales to FRIDAY 22 SEPTEMBER (last day of Term 3). If you intend to come along to the Year 12 Presentation Ceremony on Saturday October 21st, you must purchase a ticket for your son/daughter ($30 – covers gown hire and sash) and for any guests you wish to come along ($15 per guest). Your son/daughter must bring in their signed permission form when making payment for the tickets. 

We have spare permission forms printed and available in the Front Office and Library for collection, and a digital copy has also be attached to this notice along with some additional information. 

Friday 22 September is a hard deadline, and anyone who has not purchased tickets by this date will not be able to attend the Presentation Ceremony. Tickets will be given out to students in Week 1, Term 4. 

If you have any questions, please see Elaine in the Library or Dani in the Front Office, or call 6235 7200.