Learning at Sevenoaks is different. As a dedicated senior school, we provide a learning environment which reflects our Young Adult Ethos as students plan their pathway to their future.

Students are able to complete their senior schooling course over the standard two years or if they prefer, they can complete their course over three years.

We focus on 21st Century learning skills of collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking and problem solving. At the same time, we prepare all of our students with contemporary and emerging work capabilities as they prepare for their future pathway through our Work Integrated Learning program.

We offer flexibility with timetabled classes so that students can plan their week knowing that some days, will give them more flexibility to meet their outside school commitments.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers offer support and guidance to each student through their journey with us. 

To see a summary of our course offerings for 2025, click here.  Alternatively, please click here to complete an online enrolment expression of interest form or here for our 2024 Student Handbook.