The College is the benefactor of a major scholarship for students. The Wayne Lyon Memorial Scholarship provides two students with a $1000 scholarship each year.

Mr Wayne Lyon attended school at Cannington High School between the years 1971 to 1974. He grew up in the Beckenham/Cannington districts spending a lot of his youth doing activities along the Canning River.  Later in his life, he lived in Cannington on the banks of the Canning River where he had spent so much time.

Wayne and his wife Tracy were both very grateful for the opportunity to live in such close proximity to the river that they joined the Canning River Regional Park Volunteers. Through involvement with the Canning River Park, Wayne became most passionate about caring more for the river system and the environment.

When Wayne passed away in May 2010, his wife Tracy decided that he needed to be remembered for his commitment to the belief that supporting young people to reach their educational goals was the key to success.  Tracy decided to provide two scholarships for two students at Sevenoaks Senior College to the value of $1000 each over a 20 year period.

One scholarship is for a student who shows a great passion for the environment and the other scholarship for a student who is motivated with their studies.

Students can also apply for the Bentley SHS Memorial ScholarshipThis scholarship is open to students currently in Year 11, who will be continuing their studies in Year 12 at Sevenoaks .

The scholarship is designed to support families with the costs of senior secondary study for their child. It has a value of $1000.

The application process is fully online. Applications are open on the Secondary Schooling Scholarships website and the closing date for 2019 is Thursday 12 December at 5.30pm