Only students of Year 11 and 12 age in their final two years of schooling are able to attend Sevenoaks Senior College.

The key characteristics of our senior college are:

  • Students and staff operate within a Young Adult Ethos where students are supported to take responsibility and work in partnership with each other and all staff to achieve their post-school goals.
  • The timetable operates between 8.40am and 4.30pm.
  • We utilise our partnerships with universities, other training institutions and business and industry to provide students with access to the best expertise available.
  • Technology is extensively used to support each student’s educational program which includes the development of independent learning skills.
  • Importance is placed on vocational learning for all students and provision is made for students to undertake learning in the workplace or attend TAFE to support their goals.
  • A unique Advocacy program operates to ensure all students are strongly supported to optimise their performance. All teachers are Advocate teachers for a small group of students who they work with throughout their time at Sevenoaks.
  • The College resources are available across an extended day.
  • Research based decision making and planning is incorporated into all our processes.
  • Student attendance is marked for every timetabled class. This enables students to move freely about the campus or access facilities such as the Library when they have breaks between classes.