Central Building

Our central building houses four learning suites. Each learning suite has the following features:

  • A general learning area to accommodate up to 25 students
  • A seminar room to accommodate up to 15 students
  • A shared computer area including desktop computers and laptops
  • Interactive data projectors in each classroom

All students have access to the College Library which, in keeping with our young adult ethos, operates as a study and resource centre.  At any time during the school day, students use the Library during their free zones, lunch or morning tea breaks for private study, small group work or to access curriculum and reading resources.

As well as our learning suites, the central building includes the following:

  • An amphitheatre style Lecture Theatre
  • Open plan staff office and lounge area
  • Modern science laboratories
  • Visual arts studio
  • Media editing suite
  • Graphic design and media resource using Apple operating system
  • A modern café
  • Student Services area
  • Administration office