A largely permanent staff enjoy teaching at Sevenoaks and because of this there are few staff changes in any given year.

As an Independent Public School, staff are employed directly by the college to ensure that they will embrace our innovative and exciting culture.

All teaching staff are allocated an Advocate group; this is much more involved than the traditional “Form Teacher” role.    As an integral part of our college life, Advocacy is an important, challenging and equally rewarding role.

Any application for employment should reflect an appreciation of the college structure and ethos.   You are strongly advised to explore this website more fully to appreciate the breadth and depth of our college and its culture.

Positions Available:

Teacher Relief

Sevenoaks Senior College presents a professional and innovative approach to senior schooling in Western Australia. Our student population is culturally diverse and we have many students with English as an Additional Language or Dialect.

Our programs include WACE courses at ATAR, General and Foundation level, extensive VET opportunities, a Trade Training Centre and the Canning Skills Big Picture program.

If you are interested in joining our relief pool, please contact the college via phone or email. You will be asked to provide a copy of your current Resume, Working With Children Card and Teacher Registration Board registration.