As a senior campus, Sevenoaks breaks new ground in Western Australia secondary education with its focus on industry and community partnerships, enterprise initiatives, technology and online learning capacities. The college is an Independent Public School and therefore has the unique advantage of being able to make employment decisions at the local level.

A largely permanent staff enjoy teaching at Sevenoaks and because of this there are few staff changes in any given year. This means that students and teachers are able to develop a strong partnership in a young adult learning environment.

The Sevenoaks team is united in its belief that this college should be a place where people are valued, cared for and given a starting point for a journey of lifelong learning.This belief underpins all interactions between staff and students.

Working in ultra modern, business designed buildings, Sevenoaks employs a varied group of  highly professional educators and administrators.

It is people, not machines and structures that make a difference.  Therefore, Sevenoaks has a team of highly motivated and dedicated staff with an impressive range of experience and skills.  Ongoing professional learning opportunities ensure that our staff maintain current knowledge and skills relevant to supporting young adults as they prepare to leave school.


Principal Katie Edwards 
Vice Principal Fiona Thomson 


Leadership Team – Program Coordinators

Student Outcomes Kim Davies 
Vocational Education and Training Gary Hicklin 
Student Services Natasha Georgiou 
College Operations

Ariell Rose 

Manager Corporate Services Caroline Chellew