Did you know that on average; a third of your life is taken up with work?

Did you know that by 2020 half the occupations have not even been created yet?

Therefore the choice of careers and education options are important and forever changing.  Gaining up to date information has never been so important.

The purpose of this section of our website is to assist you in making informed career choices in an ever changing world.

If you are not sure of the exact career you want to follow, start with the Job Outlook page.  Job Outlook can help you make decisions about study and training, your first job, or the next step in your career.

Explore careers that interest you to learn about their future outlook, pay, main tasks, physical and other demands. Find out about the skills, knowledge and abilities you may need. Get ideas for careers you can aim for now or in the future. Follow links to job vacancies and related courses.

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