Dr Marnie O’Neill

Dr Marnie O’Neill

Chair of the Board, University of Western Australia

Sevenoaks Senior College has several unique features that set it apart from most other Western Australian government secondary schools.

  • Sevenoaks Senior College is an Independent Public School.
  • It is a self-managing College within the government school system.
  • We have a College Board that provides guidance and makes recommendations to the Principal.
  • The Principal of Sevenoaks Senior College is accountable to the Director General for the operation of the College based on the College Business Plan.
  • The Board may be involved in making recommendations about College Planning, College Performance, Business, Community and Post Education Provider Links, Business Processes, Resources, Human Resource Management, Students and Programs.

Sevenoaks Board Members

  • Dr Marnie O’Neill  – Board Chair (Education, UWA)
  • Dr Karen Read (Principal)
  • Mary Anne Morgan (Vice Principal)
  • Associate Prof. Jan Gray (Education, ECU)
  • Grant Morgan (Industry, Komatsu)
  • David Proctor  (Ex-Officio Sevenoaks Staff)
  • Tracey Beer (Education, South Metro TAFE)
  • Shirley Eason (Education, South Metro TAFE)
  • Caroline Chellew (Secretary, Ex-Officio)
  • Dr Umneea Khan (Community)
  • Dr Aminah Mah (Community)