Dear parents and carers,

As you may be aware, the Department of Education is negotiating with the State School Teachers’ Union (SSTUWA) and Principals’ Federation of Western Australia to reach an industrial agreement. While these negotiations are still ongoing, the SSTUWA has announced industrial action for half a day on the morning of Tuesday 23 April 2024.

This industrial action may see teachers stop work, meaning some will not be teaching at the direction of the union until 12:30pm.

I want to reassure you that despite this action, our school will remain open. Although there may be some classes with relief teachers, it is anticipated normal teaching and learning programs will continue. I encourage all students to attend as normal.

The Department of Education has assured me that they are working as hard, and as fast as they can to reach a resolution with the union. Every effort is being made to minimise future impact on all schools.

Kind regards

Dr Karen Read