Well, I can’t believe that this is my final wrap up for 2023. The highlight of the term was farewelling our year 12 students. Even though they were only with us for two years they have made an incredible impact on us and their endeavours to build a wonderful student community being one of the highlights. They have been active in everything that they have done and have been the perfect role models for the year 11 students and of course when they are out in the community, being great ambassadors for Sevenoaks Senior College.

As you will have already seen, there are many pictures and award winners from our presentation ceremony on our social media channels and we congratulate all of our students who were the recipients of these awards and also all students who have achieved success in this final year of their formal schooling. A highlight was hearing about their intentions for 2024 as they moved gracefully across the stage. There were a wide range of career pathways including university, TAFE, training and the workplace. Another highlight for us was seeing our students achieving our mission of find your future and young adult ethos as they proudly received their portfolio of their achievements. If there is one thing that Sevenoaks students represent, it is their cultural and social diversity. Together, over the past two years, they have built a community in which all students could feel connected and a sense of belonging. Our two co-captains Charzie Janovro and JV Francisco have led the students with enthusiasm ensuring that Sevenoaks students were always welcomed and engaged. We wish all of our Year 12 students the very best for their future and we do hope that they come back and see us and share their stories.

I am forever amazed at the energy and enthusiasm of our teachers and our support staff who provide ongoing opportunities for our students both within and outside the classroom which is evident in this newsletter. A whole range of events and activities have kept the students engaged with visits to many different places to support their learning. Well done to our teaching and support staff in making Sevenoaks such an engaging environment.

I also like to acknowledge the work of the College Board led by Dr Marnie O’Neill for their exceptional support of our students and programmes that we offer. The Board provide a lot of support to the leadership of the College in making sure that we make the best decisions for our students. Alongside this, our industry and business partners are always there to support us in providing guidance and feedback and indeed giving apprenticeships and employment opportunities to some of our students. I have been very grateful for the support of all of these people for their time and their energy towards Sevenoaks.

I would like to wish all students and their families the best for a wonderful and relaxing holiday season. We will certainly miss you but it’s time for you all to have a lovely break and we will look forward to welcoming you back in 2024.

Dr Karen Read


Sevenoaks Senior College