Hello everyone. Can you believe we’ve arrived at the end of the first term for 2024 already?! I would like to extend a special welcome to our new students and their families who come to us from local areas, from across the metropolitan area and from overseas.

At Sevenoaks, we have a remarkable sense of cultural inclusion and social acceptance. Students’ enthusiasm and participation in the full range of term one events and activities which Sevenoaks offers has been worthy of celebrating our unique culture. Please take the time to read our Term 1 newsletter to learn more about Sevenoaks and seeing what our community looks like in action. A place of great opportunity and a place where students can connect and belong.

Whilst students have enjoyed many great events, they have also been working hard on their choice of courses as they progress along their pathway to their future destination. It has been encouraging to see how students have quickly engaged in their learning and how they have been keen to make the most of every opportunity given to them. Many students have already explored their future pathways through visits to a wide range of training organisations and businesses to see what is possible.

Our newly established partnership with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has been a great success with over 100 student enrolled: 46 students are now studying a Certificate II in Community Health and Wellbeing; a further 33 students are enrolled in the Certificate III in Allied Health Assistant whilst another 24 are doing a Certificate IV in Nursing Preparation. These certificates will enable great opportunities to a career pathway in health which is also much needed in the community.

We welcomed new staff and at the end of this term, and we farewelled two long serving staff members who will be missed by the College staff and students.

Rob Pitts was a founding staff member and leaves Sevenoaks after 23 years of service, with a total of 40 years’ service to the Department of Education. Rob has had a great influence on the outcomes for students in the technology area.  Rob has always put students first and we can only wish him a happy and relaxing retirement.

Jennifer Smith has been with us for 18 years as an Education Assistant with the Big Picture/Canning Skills programs. Jen has been an amazing support to all of the students who have gone through these programs, offering support and care, ensuring that each and everyone of them had a safe space and a sense of belonging.

I wish you all a happy and safe Easter and school holiday break, and look forward to a wonderful Term 2 here at Sevenoaks. See you on Monday April 15!