We currently have a number of $1000 scholarships up for grabs! 

Check out the criteria below to see if you can apply! 

All applications must be submitted in person to Elaine in the Library or Ms Ivison in student services by Wednesday 17 May.

You can also email a digital copy to Ms Ivison at

Please find application forms attached to this notice, or you can collect a copy from the Library. 

Jordan Thorsager Scholarship –

A one year, $1000 scholarship, is to be awarded to ONE Year 11 OR Year 12 student who meets the following criteria:

  1. Endeavouring to complete their studies whilst managing issues impacting on them outside of their schooling.
  2. Financial hardship.
  3. Regular attendance and work completion.
  4. Positive behaviour and attitude.
  5. Participates in outdoor activities and/or sport.

Wayne Lyon Scholarship – $1000 to each student

Scholarship 1: This to be awarded to a student who is passionate about the river and the environment.

The successful recipient will have:

  • Demonstrated a commitment to making a difference to the river and the environment through their participation in activities which promote sustainability for the future.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to their education through regular attendance at school and completing the academic requirements of their courses.

Scholarship 2: This scholarship is to provide an incentive to help a student who needs support with their education and the direction in which they are headed.  The scholarship should support personal development and the development of skills which would help the student in moving forward.

The successful recipient:

  • Will be a student who needs support to find a positive direction with their life through either personal development programs or opportunity for further training and education.