Mock ATAR exams for Year 12 students will be held from Thursday 21st September to Friday 29th September. This is the last two days of Term 3 and the first week of the Term 3 holiday period. Any student enrolled in an ATAR subject MUST SIT THE COMPULSORY MOCK ATAR EXAMS as well as the final WACE exams .

Students will be issued with a copy of the Mock ATAR Exam timetable, their personal timetable and exam instructions later in the term.

Students are advised to read the Year 12 Information Handbook for 2022 – Part II for all information in relation to examinations. Part I and II of the handbook has been attached to this notice and are al;so available via the SCSA website at

Exams can be a stressful and demanding time. The mock ATAR exams are designed to replicate the ATAR exams as much as possible on the basis that a dress rehearsal should make it easier for students to perform on the day. It is compulsory that all students return to the College for Week 1 of Term 4 and attend their ATAR classes. The purpose of this is to receive their Mock Exams back and have structured study sessions to address areas where they may need further help.