Harmony Day at Sevenoaks Senior College was a significant day of celebration which allowed Sevenoaks students and staff to share their richly diverse cultural heritage. The theme for 2018 was “Everyone Belongs” which embodies the shared values of the College community, including acceptance, tolerance and unity. Sevenoaks is represented by students from some 40 different cultural backgrounds, which consequently means that Harmony Day is always one of the most important occasions on the College calendar.

Mrs Kayleen Hayward delivered the Welcome to Country and Mr Phil Walley-Stack and Warren Penny performed on the didgeridoo whilst our young Aboriginal men danced
on stage. A range of festival events took place including Indonesian gamelan playing, Turkish belly and Bollywood dancing, African drumming, henna tattooing, Asian umbrella painting, Australian farm animals, boomerang and tribal face painting. Harmony Day culminated in an impressive international food buffet, catered for by staff, students and their families, which allowed students and staff to sample new and exotic cuisines. Throughout the festival multicultural inspired music and dance, which involved a range of student performances highlighted another wonderful and unifying Harmony Day.