About Us

Sevenoaks accepts students into Year 11 who can progress to complete Year 12 up until the end of the year in which they turn 19 years of age. We are the only senior college in Western Australia who can accept students up to the age of 19.

If a student has missed a year along the way or would like an extended time (3 years to complete a Pathway), we can support each student to complete their learning journey with us here at Sevenoaks.

The key characteristics of our senior college are:

      • Find Your Future is a very important aspect of what Sevenoaks is all about. Our work integrated learning model supports all students to explore their chosen pathway through links with employees, business, TAFE, Registered Training Providers and Universities. Our flexible timetable enables the integration of on-site learning with off-site training as students explore opportunities aligned to their future pathway.
      • We utilise our partnerships with universities, other training institutions and business and industry to provide students with access to the best expertise available as they explore their future pathways.
      • Students and staff operate within a Young Adult Ethos where students are supported to take responsibility and work in partnership with each other and all staff to achieve their post-school goals.
      • A unique Advocacy program operates to ensure all students are strongly supported to optimise their performance. All teachers are Advocate teachers for a small group of students who they work with throughout their time at Sevenoaks to support them in achieving their goal.
      • Our timetable is flexible and operates between 8.40am and 4.30pm daily.  Classes finish at 3.30 pm Monday and Thursday; 2.05 pm on Wednesday and Friday; and 4.30 pm Tuesdays.
      • To be successful, our students aim to keep their attendance at or above 90%.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support all students to find their future by empoweing them to make the most of every opportunity in any learning environment and to participate positively in society. This will be achieved by maintaining a whole College ethos that is culturally responsive, respectful, and values diversity.

Our Values

A young adult ethos is the philosophy which underpins the way all students are treated.

The young adult ethos at Sevenoaks encourages students and staff to embrace the following CARE values:

  • Compassion – Care for yourself and others. Be aware of diverse cultures and embrace diversity.

  • Accountability – Be accountable for your decisions and actions.

  • Respect – Respect yourself, others, and the environment.

  • Excellence – Seek to accomplish your goals and pursue excellence.

Our CARE values drive our daily interactions across the College community and lay the foundation for students to maximise their potential.

    We are a very dynamic and diverse educational community. Our College Board works hard to ensure that every opportunity is made available to every student, that all students can learn and that every student at Sevenoaks matters. At Sevenoaks, students and their teachers, together with parents, community members and industry partners, work collaboratively within a team environment. In particular, we value a young adult ethos between staff and students.

    We value education and training as the key means to individual growth and empowerment for the future.  Care and respect for the individual is based on trust, open communications, pride and recognition of achievement.

    Constructive feedback and open communication is encouraged and valued because it leads to improvement and positive attitudes and optimism in response to challenges.

    Students, staff and College Board members share a belief in lifelong learning. Young people in our community are given a fresh start and varied opportunities to improve on previous learning.

    Independent Public School

    Sevenoaks became an Independent Public School (IPS) in 2010, one of the first 34 state schools deemed ready to operate with greater autonomy. In collaboration with our College Board, we set our own strategic directions, have authority for day-to-day decision making and are in an ideal position to make decisions that best cater for our students in their unique learning needs.

    In order to operate with more autonomy, as an IPS we are afforded a number of flexibilities. This means that we can select staff, manage our financial affairs though a one line budget, select school development day dates, approve leave applications, determine the curriculum that best supports students’ needs, as well as manage school utilities (electricity, water, gas and waste management) and faults (breakdowns and repairs).