Sevenoaks Senior College presents a modern and practical approach to senior schooling in Western Australia.

We cater for up to 550 students and our programs attract students from across the metropolitan area. We are also a local school for students from Yule Brook College and Cannington Community College.

Our Vision is to empower our students through their engagement in education and training so they fulfill their own educational, career and social expectations and participate positively in Australian society.

We are a very dynamic and diverse educational community. Students and their teachers work collaboratively with parents, community members and industry partners to ensure that every student is able to leave the College ready to participate fully in the work or further study. In particular, we value an open, adult relationship between students and between staff and students.

Sevenoaks has several unique features.

  • Wide availability of online delivery for all programs
  • Most students undertake enterprise and vocationally related studies
  • Innovative school and industry links mean students are offered many new opportunities to work directly with employers.
  • Some programs are delivered at other locations such as universities and TAFE colleges.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our students through their engagement in education and training so they fulfil their own educational, career and social expectations and participate positively in Australian society.

Our Values

Sevenoaks Senior College embraces and implements the core shared values from the National Values for Schooling. These values are:

  • self-acceptance and respect for self, including initiative, enterprise, self-reliance and work ethic
  • pursuit of knowledge and achievement of potential and excellence in chosen areas of endeavour
  • respect and concern for others and their rights
  • tolerance and being inclusive of others
  • social and civic responsibility
  • environmental responsibility.

We are a very dynamic and diverse educational community. Our College Board works hard to ensure that every opportunity is made available to every student, that all students can learn and that every student at Sevenoaks matters. At Sevenoaks, students and their teachers, together with parents, community members and industry partners, work collaboratively within a team environment. In particular, we value a young adult ethos between staff and students.

We value education and training as the key means to individual growth and empowerment for the future.  Care and respect for the individual is based on trust, open communications, pride and recognition of achievement.

Constructive feedback and open communication is encouraged and valued because it leads to improvement and positive attitudes and optimism in response to challenges.

Students, staff and College Board members share a belief in lifelong learning. Young people in our community are given a fresh start and varied opportunities to improve on previous learning.

Independent Public School

Sevenoaks became an Independent Public School (IPS) in 2010, one of the first 34 state schools deemed ready to operate with greater autonomy. In collaboration with our College Board, we set our own strategic directions, have authority for day-to-day decision making and are in an ideal position to make decisions that best cater for our students in their unique learning needs.

In order to operate with more autonomy, as an IPS we are afforded a number of flexibilities. This means that we can select staff, manage our financial affairs though a one line budget, select school development day dates, approve leave applications, determine the curriculum that best supports students’ needs, as well as manage school utilities (electricity, water, gas and waste management) and faults (breakdowns and repairs).

Registered Training Organisation

Sevenoaks is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This means that we are recognised as providers of quality-assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications.

As a RTO, Sevenoaks is able to deliver Certificate II in Business.

In addition, students at Sevenoaks are able to complete other Certificates through auspicing and partnerships including:

  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate II in Hospitality
  • Certificate II in Music Industry
  • Certificate II in Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology

A range of other certificate courses are also available to students who attend training centres such as Thornlie TAFE to complete courses.