Mr Wayne Lyon attended school at Cannington High School between the years 1971 to 1974. Wayne very sadly passed away from cancer in May 2010. He grew up in the Beckenham Cannington districts spending a lot of his youth doing activities along the Canning River. Wayne finally lived in Cannington on the banks of the Canning River. Wayne and his wife Tracy were both very grateful for the opportunity to live in such close proximity to the river that they joined the Canning River Regional Park Volunteers. Through involvement with the Canning River Park, Wayne became most passionate about caring more for the river system and the environment.

When Wayne passed away, his wife Tracy decided that he needed to be remembered for all the wonderful things he did to help others in need. Tracy decided to provide two scholarships for two students at Sevenoaks Senior College to the value of $1000 each plus CPI increases over a 20-year period. One scholarship would be for a student who was passionate about the environment and the other scholarship for a student who needs to find passion in something.

These two scholarships were awarded for the first time in 2011 and have since helped over 20 Sevenoaks students pay for computers, internet access, University/TAFE fees, textbooks, study furniture and more.

Scholarship 1: Awarded to a student who is passionate about the river and the environment. The successful recipient will have:
• Demonstrated a commitment to making a difference to the river and the environment through their participation in activities which promote sustainability for the future.

• Demonstrated a commitment to their education through regular attendance at school and completing the academic requirements of their courses.

Scholarship 2: This scholarship is to provide an incentive to help a student who needs support with their education and the direction in which they are headed. The scholarship should support personal development and the development of skills which would help the student in moving forward. The successful recipient:
• Will be a student who needs support to find a positive direction with their life through either personal development programs or opportunity for further training and education.

*All applications must be submitted by Wednesday May 18, 2022.
– available for collection in the Library and are to be handed in to Ms Ivison or to Elaine in the Library
ELECTRONIC COPY – download below and send the completed form via email to

*You may apply for both scholarships however will only be eligible to receive one.