Dear Parents/Carers/Students


It is now the beginning of week 6 and I write to update you on the last few weeks.

It is now compulsory for students to be attending the College and we are very pleased to have everyone back!  It is very important that students are attending school and their classes regularly. The year has already been disrupted and we now need to make sure that our students are back and making the most of every opportunity.

As I am the Principal this term there have been some staff changes that I need to inform you of. Firstly, Mrs Fiona Thomson is now the Vice Principal. Mrs Thomson is a very experienced staff member and is one of our Program Coordinators in charge of College Operations.  She will bring not only excellent knowledge but an exemplary work ethic to the role.

Natasha Georgiou, who is Program Coordinator of Student Services, will be managing the College Operations role, with particular focus on student transition from Yule Brook and Cannington. Natasha is an outstanding operator and will be an asset to the role.

Esther Marriott, who is one of our English teachers, will become the Program Coordinator for Student Services. Esther has considerable experience in the role and will be an exceptional addition to the leadership team.

Mr Tommy Goggin has also been employed until the end of term to work alongside the student service team. He will support our students who are finding it hard to reengage with their education after the COVID – 19 concerns.  Tommy has already started working with students to find out what we can do to support them further. Please don’t hesitate to contact him at the College if you feel he can support your child.

This year, more than any other, we need to support our students to make the most of what has been a different and challenging year. The test now is to focus on what we can control in dealing with the challenges that have been put in front of us. We need to show the resilience and determination to make the most of every opportunity.

ATAR exams are on at the moment and we wish all our year 11 and 12 students good luck in their exams. Remember that we do not get better at things without practice and these exams are valuable practice for future exams. We encourage students to do the best they can and learn from their mistakes.


Important dates:

Monday June 2 to Wednesday June 10 – Year 11 and 12 Exams

Monday June 15     School Development Day – students are not required to attend.

Wednesday June 17     Semester 2 courses begin

Monday June 22 to Friday June 26   Externally Set Tasks (ESTs) for Year 12 general courses

Wednesday July 1 Semester 1 Report Night – cancelled due to COVID-19 guidelines.

Reports will still be distributed by mail.


A reminder regarding the College uniform. It is compulsory that students wear the College uniform including jumpers or jackets. This is not only a College expectation but a safety concern as students need to be easily identified on College grounds. Please ensure your child wears the appropriate uniform to school.  Appropriate garments can be purchased from the College reception.

I am available to talk to students and parents. Please contact the front office if you wish to make an appointment.


Katie Edwards