We now have a new process for requesting subject changes for 2022:

  1. Collect a Subject Change From: Pick up a subject change form at the front office (on the table to the left as you enter). Make sure you collect the correct form for your year group (yellow for Yr 11s and green for Yr 12s).
  2. Complete the Form (all fields): Complete all fields of the form. This includes your parent/guardian’s signature as they must acknowledge that your fees may change.
  3. Speak to the New Subject Teacher: You then need to speak to the teacher of the class you wish to join to discuss what is required for you to catch up. This teacher must also sign your form.
  4. Make an Appointment: Make a subject change appointment at the Front Office. This appointment can only be made once you have completed the form and only during a free zone on your timetable.
  5. Attend your Appointment: Attend your appointment on time so that you can finalise your changes with Mrs Trayler.

A note from Mrs Trayler:
If you have previously dropped messages into the office, emailed me or had a teacher email me, you will still need to come down, pick up a form and complete the process. I will not be making subject changes without parent/guardian and teacher consultation/approval. Once you have completed the form with the appropriate information and signatures, you can come to the office to make an appointment. If you are not sure or have any further questions, come and ask at the Front Office, but please note that changes will not be made without the completed form.