Dear Parent/Carer/Student,

I look forward to welcoming our students and all the excitement of day 1 when our College opens on Monday February 8. Please note that all students should arrive by 8:30am and go straight to their Advocacy class for an 8:45am start. There will be staff available and noticeboards to assist students if they are unsure where to go.

The five-day lockdown for Perth, Peel and the South West ended at 6:00pm Friday February 5, however some COVID-safe measures will continue until 12:01am, February 14. Further details available at

For the safety of our students and staff masks will be worn at the College as per the government directions. Students will need to wear masks in public for the next week, including getting to school, but we will have masks available if students arrive without one. Our staff will support students to understand the importance of wearing a mask as together we work through this transition.

There may be some impact on school activities next week, but we will work through those. The main thing is that our students are back and ready for learning.

I want to assure you that the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to follow the latest WA Health advice at

Thank you to all students and parents for your understanding and support during the lockdown.

We ask that parents/carers do not come onto the College grounds this week unless essential and/or they have an appointment. All parents will be required to sign in on arrival. We need to ensure that our administration area complies with the COVID-safe measures and require your assistance and patience in this matter.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the College on 6235 7200.

Katie Edwards


Sevenoaks Senior College