Dear College community,

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Sevenoaks Senior College Board member, Dr Margaret Culbong.

The following statement will appear in tomorrow’s newspaper on behalf of Dr Culbong’s fellow Board members:

The Board members of Sevenoaks Senior College mourn the recent passing of Dr Margaret Culbong, distinguished Noongar Elder. We thank her for the wisdom and generosity of her contribution to the Board as a parent and grandparent and for the cultural connection and guidance she offered. Her voice will be much missed. Our thoughts are with her family and community at this sad time.”

Dr Culbong’s granddaughter, Aaliyah, is currently attending SSC. With the help of Follow the Dream Coordinator, Dr Jennet Hansen, she has written the below statement in honour of her grandmother.

Dr Margaret Culbong

With great sadness, we announce the passing of Dr Margaret Culbong, on July 8th, 2022. Aunty Margaret was a dearly loved mother, grandmother and aunt. She will be greatly missed by her loving family and close friends. She was well known in Boorloo (Perth) for being an outspoken activist and a powerhouse advocate for change. Aunty Margaret is also a trailblazer. A smart kid from the bush who went on to revolutionise health care services for Aboriginal people in Western Australia. A life’s work that earned her an Honorary Doctor of Science.

She will also be remembered for her cheeky, powerful and feisty attitude.

Aunty Marg Culbong was born in Narrogin and trained as a registered nurse at the Kalgoorlie Hospital. She helped found the Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service in the early 1980s and became its CEO in 1997. She is a highly respected Nyoongar Elder and dedicated activist for Aboriginal rights. Aunty Margaret Culbong has dedicated her life to fighting for justice and equality for her people as a nurse and a public health professional.

Dr Culbong served on the Sevenoaks Senior College Board, along with many other schools. Her commitment to the education of Aboriginal children was paramount and she spent time yarning with students and encouraging them to follow their dreams.

A funeral service will be held in Narrogin on the 6th of August at 11:00 am.

By Aaliyah Nestoridis Year 12 Sevenoaks Senior College

Granddaughter of Margaret Culbong

*Use of Margaret’s name and photo permitted by the family  

Mary Anne Morgan

Acting Principal